Flavour and good nutrients

We only have faith in food if it is good for both you and the planet. Our mushrooms are bursting with flavour and good nutrients that contribute to your vitality in life. And we trust that you share our desire to make the world a better place. Our mushrooms are produced highly sustainably. Mushrooms are also the perfect complement to vegetarian cuisine, while they are a prescribed constituent of numerous types of diet. 


We are the source

We ensure on a daily basis that our mushrooms end up on your plate while still extremely fresh We monitor, optimize and innovate in terms of our mushrooms’ various flavours and applications. We know the cultivation trade like the back of our hand, and can therefore vouch for the quality of our vitality boosters.   

Of course, mushrooms perfectly complement a fine cut of meat or a delicious sauce. And you may opt to incorporate our mushrooms in your risotto, pasta, soup, salad or pizza, the possibilities are almost countless!

Our vitality boosters

We enrich our mushrooms with vitamin D, which is essential for the immune system and for both the growth and maintenance of strong bones and teeth.

While all mushrooms are fungi, by no means all fungi are mushrooms. There is nevertheless a huge number of species of edible mushrooms: something for everyone!

There are no fewer than 600,000 varieties of mushroom worldwide, 25% of which are edible.

The mushroom is the fruit of the fungus, and is therefore only a small part of it. So every mushroom is a fungus, while a fungus is not necessarily a mushroom!